How to keep your home clean when you have a wood-burning appliance?

How to keep your home clean when you have a wood-burning appliance?


Keep your home clean with a wood-burning stove

In today’s post we will talk about a very important topic for those of you who have a wood stove at home: how to keep the space where the stove is located clean?

We all know that wood stoves are an excellent option to heat our homes during the colder months, but it is also true that they can generate some dirt and clutter in the room where they are located. So, let’s take a look at some practical and useful tips so you can keep your home clean without having to give up the comfort and warmth that a stove provides. So join me and let’s get started!

Tips for keeping your home clean with a wood-burning stove

There are several tips you should keep in mind to keep your home in perfect condition when we have an appliance of this style:

Maintain a daily cleaning routine

It is important that you keep a daily cleaning routine around your appliance. You can use a vacuum cleaner to pick up the ashes and dirt that accumulates on the floor or any nearby surface. It is also advisable to wipe furniture and objects near the stove with a damp cloth to remove dust and soot that accumulates. Click here for more information on cleaning your appliance.

Put your appliance in the right place

It is important to choose the right place to locate your appliance. Make sure it is away from any flammable materials such as curtains, furniture and decorative objects. We recommend that you consult the safety distances recommended by the manufacturer of your stove model, as well as the installation tips.

Use the right combustion materials

Be sure to use the proper combustion materials to prevent excess soot and ash from accumulating in your wood stove. Wood should be dry, clean and free of resin before being used in the stove. It is advisable to use wood that has a low moisture content (less than 20%) to reduce the amount of smoke generated during combustion.

Use dry and resin-free firewood for your stove

Safety precautions for cleaning your home

Here are two very important tips to keep in mind when you have a wood-burning appliance in your home:

Make sure you have a good draft

The draft is a fundamental part of the correct functioning of the appliance. You must make sure you have a good draft so that the smoke escapes properly through the chimney and prevents it from accumulating inside the house. If you are not sure how to do this, you can contact a professional to help you assess the situation. You can see more information on how to do a proper flue here.

Use specialized cleaning tools

It’s important to have specialized cleaning tools on hand, such as chimney cleaning brushes and ashtrays, as well as special gloves to prevent burns. These tools will help you keep your wood stove in top condition and reduce the amount of dirt and soot that builds up around it.

What to do if you have cleaning problems with your wood stove?

Despite following all of the above recommendations, cleaning problems can sometimes occur. Here are some solutions to the most common cleaning problems that can occur when using your appliance:

Smoke problems

If you notice that your appliance is generating too much smoke, it may be that it is poorly ventilated or that the wood used is not suitable. In this case, the best thing to do is to turn off the stove and wait for it to cool down to verify the cause of the problem. Make sure that the flue is open and that the stove is located in a suitable place. If the problem persists, it is advisable to contact a professional to assess the situation.

Soot problems

If you notice soot buildup on your appliance, it is best to clean it regularly using the specialized tools mentioned above. It is also advisable to use high quality wood and avoid using wet or green wood that can generate more soot accumulation.

Prevents soot accumulation in the chimney

Ash Problems

If ash accumulates excessively around your stove, it is recommended that you clean the area with a vacuum cleaner or specialized ash catcher. You can also use an ashtray under the stove to prevent ash from accumulating on the floor and nearby objects.

Odor problems

If your appliance is generating a bad smell, there may be a buildup of dirt in the chimney or the wood used may not be of high quality. Be sure to clean the chimney regularly and use high-quality, low-moisture wood to avoid bad odors.

Avoid bad odor in your chimney


In conclusion, having a wood-burning appliance can provide a host of benefits, from reduced heating costs to a sense of comfort and warmth in the home. However, it is important to keep the stove clean and safe to avoid health problems and other risks. Maintaining a daily cleaning routine, using specialized tools to clean the appliance, and using high-quality wood are some key tips to keep your home clean and safe.

We hope this guide has been useful and will help you enjoy a more pleasant experience when using your appliance at home!

Tips for keeping your home clean

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask us! We hope this post has served as a guide. Take a look at our blog and find solutions and recommendations to help you with your fireplace or wood stove.

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