The importance of proper ventilation of the house when you have a wood-burning stove

The importance of proper ventilation of the house when you have a wood-burning stove


A warm and cosy home is essential for a comfortable and satisfying life, especially in the winter season. Buying a wood cooker can be an excellent solution for heating your home, but it is important to keep in mind that you must have proper ventilation.

Having good ventilation not only improves indoor air quality, it also protects the safety of the house and maintains the efficiency of the cooker. In this post, we explore the importance of proper ventilation, and how to ensure it is met. We tell you all about it!

Why is good ventilation important in a house with a wood stove?

Lack of proper ventilation can have serious consequences for health, safety and the proper functioning of the appliance. Here we will explain the three most important reasons why good ventilation is essential.

Good ventilation of the home

Improving health

Indoor air can accumulate carbon monoxide, particulates and other pollutants if it is not properly ventilated. These pollutants can be harmful to health and cause symptoms such as headaches, dizziness, nausea and fatigue. In addition, lack of ventilation can also promote moisture build-up, which can encourage the growth of mould and other contaminants.

Protect the safety of the home

Carbon monoxide is a colourless, odourless gas that can be deadly if inhaled in large quantities. Lack of proper ventilation can allow it to build up in indoor air and endanger the lives of people living in the home. In addition, the accumulation of particles and other pollutants can also increase the risk of fires. We recommend you read the post “Safety rules for using a wood cooker in your home“.

Maintaining the efficiency of the wood stove

Good ventilation allows fresh air to enter the house and old, polluted air to leave. This not only improves indoor air quality, but also maintains the efficiency of the wood stove. If the indoor air is polluted, the wood stove will have to work harder to heat the house and will consume more wood. Lack of ventilation can also cause the wood stove to overheat and increase the risk of fire.

How to ensure proper ventilation

Now that we have explored why good ventilation is important, it is time to talk about how to ensure that it is achieved. Here are some tips and solutions to ensure that the ventilation in your home is adequate.

Install exhaust fans and ventilators

Installing extractor fans and ventilators in the kitchen, bathroom and any other room where the wood stove is used can help improve ventilation in the home. These devices draw out old, polluted air and replace it with fresh air.

Keep doors and windows open

Keeping doors and windows open when using the appliance can help improve air circulation in the house. However, it is important to note that doors and windows should not be too small or too large, as this can affect the efficiency of the wood cooker.

Perform regular maintenance of the stove

Regular maintenance of the wood cooker can help improve its efficiency and prolong its life. This includes cleaning chimneys and flues, as well as inspecting parts for signs of wear or damage.

Install carbon monoxide alarms

Installing carbon monoxide alarms in the home can help our safety. These alarms detect dangerous levels of carbon monoxide in indoor air. They also emit an audible alarm to alert people to a possible gas leak.

Install carbon monoxide alarms


In conclusion, proper ventilation is essential to improve indoor air quality, ensure safety and maintain the efficiency of the appliance. There are several solutions that can help ensure good ventilation, such as installing exhaust fans and ventilators, regular maintenance of the wood cooker, opening doors and windows, and installing carbon monoxide alarms. With these steps, you can enjoy fresh, safe air in your home.

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