Ideas de dónde colocar tu estufa de leña

Ideas on where to place your wood stove


Today, wood stoves have become more popular than fireplaces. From their modern-contemporary designs to the most charming classic look, stoves can be placed in any type of room. Thanks to the variety of styles and sizes, with wood stoves we can give any room in our home, from a vintage decoration, a rustic style, to a modern and current touch.

This type of appliances become the most important element of our home during the coldest winter months. However, they will not only fulfill this function but also form part of the decoration of our home.

Today in Panadero, as manufacturers and experts in wood stoves, we want to give you ideas to place your wood stove in a practical, functional and decorative way, always complying with the corresponding standards and installation tips.

Where to place a wood stove?

We must decide in which room and where in the room we are going to place the stove. It may be that we want to place it near the wall, if so visit our post: “What to put behind a wood stove?“.

Placing the wood stove close to the wall

We can also place the stove in the middle of the room.

Place the wood stove in the middle of the room.

Another option is to take advantage of a corner of the room to place the device.

Installing a corner wood-burning stove

Once we are clear about the place where we are going to install the stove, we will see which model can best adapt to our idea.

The safety distance

Just as it is important to be careful with the walls and floors when installing the wood stove, it is also essential to be careful with any type of object that we put near it.

We recommend placing objects close to the wood stove when the distance is at least one meter apart. This distance should always be observed, especially when they are elements that can be flammable such as curtains, carpets or furniture.

Ventilation and characteristics

The stove must work efficiently and must be placed in a place where it can fulfill all its functions and characteristics for which it is carefully designed. The room should be spacious and well ventilated. You can visit our installation tips here.

One of the best rooms to place your wood stove is in the living room. This room is a place that usually meets all the requirements to install the wood stove.

Tips for choosing where to place your wood stove

After all this information, we want to give you some tips to help you choose the ideal place:

  • In the room there must be an outside air intake to ensure good combustion of the appliance.
  • The place where you are going to place it must have enough space to allow a proper smoke outlet. “It is important to go through walls or partitions with 45º elbows to avoid at all costs the horizontal sections and 90º elbows that only give problems of obstruction in the ducts and smoke plaster”.
  • Choose a stove model that matches the rest of your home and that adapts to the chosen room. You can see our wood stove models here.

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