How to light a wood-burning fireplace?


The fireplace, that essential space when winter comes knocking at the door of our homes. But, sometimes, lighting it can be difficult. That’s why, at Panadero, we want to give you the best recommendations and tips for lighting your wood-burning fireplace so that you don’t give up trying!

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How to light a fireplace. Steps.

The first step to take before winter arrives is to clean the wood-burning fireplace! Once it has been cleaned, it is ready to work at full capacity.

It is advisable to sweep the chimney year after year, at the end of winter if it is used intensively or, on the other hand, if it is lit occasionally, it can be done once every three years.

What do you need to light the fireplace?

The firewood must be completely dry and hard so that it can burn well and does not generate excessive smoke.

Subsequently, we must gather fine firewood, small branches, wood chips, thin sticks or pine cones. At Panadero, we recommend having an ignition tablet, as it will make the process easier.

And finally, get your trusty box of matches or lighter ready!

Lighting the fire in the fireplace

Before lighting the fire, we must open the chimney flue and wait for 20-30 minutes. In this case, what we will achieve is that the fire gets the necessary oxygen to start and maintain itself in the best possible way.

If it is the first time during the year that you light the fireplace, you should open the flue for about an hour.

How to make a fire?

How to wood-burning fireplace

The ideal is to make a base with twigs, pine cones, fine firewood, wood chips, etc., and on top, place the hardwood logs in the shape of a pyramid or hut so that there is air between them so as not to choke the fire. Do not compress the materials at the base too much, as these are the first to ignite and are the ones that will infect the hardwood later on.

We must light the ignition tablet with the lighter or the match and place it on top of the twigs and the other materials of the base. It will light the fire little by little.

Once the fire is lit, we must manage to maintain the flame by adding wood as we need it.

Tips to bear in mind before lighting the fireplace

  • Always read the manufacturer’s recommendations beforehand, whatever the type.
  • Do not burn wood products. Painted wood can generate noxious gases.
  • Beware of lighting with newspaper or crumpled cardboard, as these contribute to the accumulation of soot. Also, burning paper with ink on it generates toxic fumes.
  • Do not use wet wood. You may have problems when lighting the fireplace.
  • Use fireplace tools: hooks, brushes, shovels or tongs.
  • The best wood for your fireplace is: olive, oak or almond wood. These help to generate embers and hold the heat and flame better for longer.

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