What is the importance of the extrenal air intake?


In the world of wood-burning stoves, the extrenal air intake is a crucial element that often goes unnoticed. However, their role is essential to ensure optimal and safe operation of your stove. But why is it so important?

What is the external air intake?

The extrenal air intake is a duct that allows the air needed for the combustion of wood to be taken from the outside of the house instead of from the inside. This is essential for several reasons.

When the stove draws air from inside the house, it creates a vacuum that can be harmful. This can cause cold air to leak in from the outside, causing unwanted drafts and increasing energy consumption by having to constantly heat the air that comes in.

Why is it crucial in wood stoves?

  1. Energy efficiency: By using the outdoor air intake, you prevent cold air from entering your home, which means your stove doesn’t have to work harder to maintain a consistent temperature. This translates into lower wood consumption and significant savings on your heating bills.
  2. Safety: By preventing the stove from drawing in air from inside, you also reduce the risk of air quality issues in your home. This is especially important in well-insulated homes, where a lack of proper ventilation can be an issue.
  3. Durability of the stove: By minimizing the amount of debris and deposits that accumulate inside the stove, the outside air intake helps to extend its life. This means less maintenance and fewer repairs in the long run.

extrenal air intake

The Importance of Modern Housing

Currently, the homes that are built incorporate advanced insulation systems. Walls, floors, windows and doors are designed to prevent temperature leaks from the inside of the house to the outside.

In a home of this type, a traditional wood-burning stove that does not incorporate an outdoor air intake develops a malfunction. The combustion air in this type of stove is taken directly from the room in which the stove is located. And because there is a great deal of isolation, that room is impoverished of air and oxygen, so that the environment is not comfortable and a feeling of a charged environment is created. In addition, there may be problems with draught in the stove if there are elements in the same house that affect air circulation, such as a fume extractor hood in a kitchen.

Panadero’s Recommendation

All these problems are solved with an outside air intake mechanism in the stove. The air in this case is taken from outside the home and therefore the atmosphere remains pleasant and the stove works perfectly.

For this reason, at Panadero we strongly recommend the installation of stoves equipped with an outdoor air intake.

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  1. Daniel Savill says:

    I have the Panadero oval stone. Newly installed and we are getting smoke failing to exit the chimney and falling/staying in the stove. There is no external flue. Is this the problem?

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