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What to put behind a wood-burning stove?


Although wood-burning stoves are manufactured and designed so that most of the heat they generate does not affect the wall of your home, it is a good option when installing a wood-burning stove to place an insulating or reflective material behind it to protect the wall from the heat and avoid possible problems of cracking or burning the paint on the wall.

protect the wall from the heat

What problems can we have with the heat in the wall behind a wood-burning stove?

The wall protector is the perfect ally to avoid future problems in the wall of your home, for example:

  • The plaster on the wall can crack from the heat.
  • Paint or stippled wallpaper can burn if wiring is nearby.
  • If the partition wall is too thin, the materials on the other side of the wall can be affected.

How to choose the right wall protector?

Once you have decided to install the wall protector for your wood-burning stove, there are three fundamental aspects to take into account:

  1. The size must be larger than the back of the wood cooker.
  2. Securing the wall protector with mounting brackets.
  3. Material of the plate design.

Heat shield options for your wall

Before moving on to the options, it is worth noting that we should always rely on good professionals to help and guide us through the process, whether the installation is to be done by us or by a professional.

Transparent anti-caloric paint

f you don’t want to change the decoration of your wall by placing any plaque, and you have a good thickness of partition on your wall, you have the option of buying transparent heat-resistant paint, which resists high temperatures and will not let the heat transfer to the next room. The effect is transparent, but with a certain sheen.

 Natural stone

This is the most common option. Normally this type of stone is 4 to 6 centimetres thick and, together with the thickness of the cement in the wall, insulates and protects the wall quite well.

 Installing fireproof plasterboard

Another option is to install a false fireproof plasterboard partition. It is advisable to make a double chamber with special insulating aluminium rock wool for fireplaces.

Porcelain flooring

These floors are fired at more than 1,500ºC, so there are no problems, as long as they are laid with a cement glue that resists temperature changes.


The heat of a wood-burning cooker is the best thing about it, but we must take special care in its installation as well as in its care and maintenance. We must take care of every detail!


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