How to make embers with firewood to keep the stove burning

How to make embers with firewood to keep the stove burning


Lighting the stove on these cold days can be a challenging task. One of the keys to successfully keeping your stove lit and maintaining its heat is to have the perfect coals. These embers provide an intense and long-lasting heat, allowing you to maintain a constant temperature in the room. Although there are several ways to generate embers, in this post we will focus on the use of firewood, an ecological and economical option that offers excellent results.

Here is a step-by-step guide to generate embers with firewood and light the stove efficiently. Read on!

Preparing firewood

To generate good embers, it is essential to choose the right wood. Not all tree species are equally effective in producing embers. Some have a higher percentage of resin, others are harder and some are wetter.

The types of wood that are ideal for generating embers are:

  • Oak: This is a hard, dense wood that burns slowly. It produces an intense heat.
  • Beech: It is also a hard and dense wood. However, it generates more soot than oak.
  • Olive: It is a type of hard wood and burns slowly. It has a pleasant aroma.
  • Holm oak: This wood is ideal for fireplaces and stoves, it does not generate too much smoke.

Note: We recommend you to read our post “What is the best firewood for the fireplace?” where we explain in detail each type of wood and give you the keys to choose the perfect firewood.

Which firewood is best for the fireplace?

It is important to avoid using soft or damp woods, as they generate less heat and produce too much smoke and ash. Some examples of woods that are not ideal for generating embers are pine, spruce, willow and poplar. In addition, it is important to make sure that the firewood is clean and dry before using it to generate embers.

To obtain perfect embers, it is not only important to choose the right wood, but also to ensure that it is well prepared. This includes cutting and storing the firewood. Once you have chosen the right wood, it is important to cut it into the right size pieces. At Panadero, we recommend cutting firewood in a triangular shape. This is because the heart of the wood burns best, however, the bark burns worst.

After cutting firewood, it is important to store it in a dry and well-ventilated place. We tell you more about firewood storage here.

On the other hand, drying firewood is a crucial step to obtain perfect embers. Freshly cut firewood usually has a high moisture content, which makes it difficult to burn and can generate too much smoke and ash. Therefore, it is important to dry firewood before using it to generate embers.

The purpose of drying firewood is to reduce its moisture content to a level suitable for generating embers. The ideal moisture content for kindling firewood should be less than 20%. To find out if the firewood is ready to generate embers, you can use a moisture meter or simply tap two pieces of wood together and listen to the sound they make. If the firewood is ready, it should sound hollow.

Importance of embers in keeping the stove burning

Embers are important to keep the stove burning, as they provide a constant source of heat and allow the wood to burn evenly. When the embers are well formed, they emit an intense and constant heat, which allows maintaining a pleasant temperature in the environment.

Importance of embers to keep the stove burning

When should the stove be reloaded?

It is important to reload the stove with more wood when the embers are beginning to diminish. If this is not done, the fire may die out and the stove will stop providing heat. The time to reload the stove depends on several factors: the size of the stove, the type of wood used and the outside temperature.

In general, it is recommended to reload the stove when the embers have been reduced to a thin, glowing layer. This indicates that most of the wood has already burned out. It is important not to wait until the embers are completely extinguished, as this will make it more difficult to rekindle the fire and generate embers again.

How to reload the stove when we have embers?

Recharging a stove when there are embers is quite simple, but it is important to do it carefully to avoid the risk of burns or fire. Follow these steps to reload your stove safely:

  1. Wait until the embers are well formed. This ensures that the wood burns evenly and that enough heat is generated to maintain room temperature.
  2. Open the stove door. Open the stove door carefully to avoid burns. Use gloves or tools to open the door if necessary.
  3. Place the firewood. Place the firewood in the stove carefully to avoid embers flying out of the stove or sparks. Make sure the firewood is properly positioned and in contact with the embers so that it burns properly.
  4. Close the door. Once you have placed the wood in the stove, close the door carefully to prevent sparks or heat from escaping. Make sure the door is tightly closed and that there are no smoke leaks.
  5. Adjust the air. Depending on the type of stove you have, you may need to adjust the air so that the wood burns properly.

Additional tips for perfect embers

Next, we will talk about some additional aspects that you should take into account to obtain perfect embers:

  • Use of ignition tablets: these are products that are used to facilitate the process of lighting the fire.
  • Amount of firewood to use: The amount of firewood you should use in your stove will depend on the size and type of the stove, as well as the amount of embers you have generated.
  • Stove maintenance: To obtain perfect embers, it is important to keep your stove in good condition. Regularly clean the stove to prevent ash and wood debris from accumulating, as this can clog the air ducts and reduce the stove’s efficiency. Also, regularly check the stove’s seals and gaskets to make sure there are no air leaks.

By following these tips, you will be able to get perfect embers to keep your stove burning and heat your home efficiently. Remember to always follow your stove manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure safe and efficient use of your stove.

Additional tips for perfect embers

We hope this post has served as a guide. Take a look at our blog and find solutions and recommendations to help you with your fireplace or wood stove.

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