¿Cómo almacenar leña de forma correcta?

How to store firewood correctly at home


Firewood is your greatest ally in winter if you have a fireplace or stove in your home. In addition to giving us warmth in winter, and good barbecues with friends and family in summer, it also saves us on our electricity bills. Therefore, we must know how to protect and maintain it properly.

An important part of this is knowing how to store firewood correctly, which we tell you about in this article!

Keys and tips for storing firewood correctly

Storing firewood is not just about stacking logs on top of each other and placing them anywhere where they won’t get in the way. Firewood is the source of your fireplace or stove and you have to know how to do it to protect it and make it last over time.

  • You should store firewood in a completely dry area, avoiding damp places or places that get wet in case of rain. Firewood must have less than 20% humidity and must have dried for at least 2 years to work properly. Find out what type of firewood is best for your fireplace by clicking here.
  • Store the firewood respecting the passage of air. Firewood must be aired to ensure proper drying.
  • Be careful not to cover the firewood completely. It is fine to cover the firewood with a tarpaulin or a woodshed, but we must know that if we cover it completely we will be preventing it from ventilating properly.
  • The area or place where you store the firewood should be leveled for greater safety. We will achieve that the firewood is stable and the logs do not roll out.

Important tips to keep in mind at home

When storing firewood, whether it is inside or outside your home, there are some things to keep in mind:

  • If you have children or pets, you must be especially careful. They should not play with firewood.
  • Use insecticide or natural fungicide. Spray the firewood from time to time and avoid the appearance of fungi and insects.
  • If you need to cover the firewood, use a plastic sheet. You should leave the sides, back and front uncovered.
  • Stack the firewood close together.

Ideas for storing firewood at home… while decorating your home!

Storing firewood and decorating can go hand in hand. Do you want to know how? Here are some of our ideas on how to make the most of firewood and your fireplace.

Woodsheds under the stove

It is the most comfortable and practical way. In Panadero, as stove manufacturers, we have a variety of models with woodsheds included … so you do not eat your head!

Wood stove with woodshed included in its lower part

In the form of a niche on your wall

It is a way to give a special touch to the wall, playing with colors and textures in the decoration of your home. It adds dimension to your room, as well as functionality.

Wall-mounted wood stove with wood rack    Metal fireplace with woodshed

Decorative accessories

Perhaps you are storing firewood outdoors or want to keep it in a place where it will not be seen. You can use accessories such as baskets or designer bags to store several logs that can serve you for 1 or 2 days.

With this type of accessories, you will give a special and rustic touch to the room without having to stack all the firewood in the same place.

Accessories for storing firewood in your home  Ideas for storing firewood in your home

Outside your home

You can make a firewood store to stack all the firewood you need, but you must have a large space outside your home.

Firewood storage outside the house

Another idea we suggest is, if you have an outdoor patio, make firewood part of the furniture and give it a special touch!

Outdoor patio with stored firewood

Firewood can be another decorative element, you just need to know how to store it correctly and always taking into account the tips we have given you above.

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