Malos olores desprendidos del humo de la chimenea de leña

Bad smells when lighting the fireplace or wood stove?


If your stove or fireplace emits a chemical smell or a smell of burning plastic, it is completely normal.

Let’s take a look at all the possibilities and care to take into account.

Stove paint

If this happens during the first few ignitions, don’t panic. At Panadero we use anti-heat paint, which is very resistant to high temperatures. During the first uses, smoke (normally white) is generated around the appliance, due to the process of fixing the paint to the metal and the evaporation of the solvent, this produces a peculiar smell. It is important to ventilate the room very well during the first and second use.

Incorrect insulating materials

Using certain sealants such as rock wool or non-flammable polyurethane foam can produce bad smells. It is essential to be clear about the materials to be used when installing a wood stove and their properties.

Installing rock wool in a wall

Bad smell on the roof

When we are going to install our stove or chimney, and we have to pass the pipe through the roof, it is essential that no cables, pipes or methacrylate roofs are passed through. In the event of having to pass through any of these options, everything must be properly insulated.

Burnt cables

Caution with electricity and heat. If wires are poorly positioned and unprotected, they can melt. When stoves are near sockets or wires, they can produce bad smells.

Burnt cables

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