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Wood-burning stoves are a decorative and heating tool in winter for all types of environments in our home. There are models of all styles, from classic to modern and contemporary. It is important to take into account several factors before buying a wood-burning stove.

In Panadero you can find several categories of wood stoves that will perfectly suit you and your home. But, in today’s post, we want to focus on one of our most special wood cookers, the wood stoves with oven.

Wood stoves with oven are a centuries-old tradition, but now, they are more modern and elegant than they were.

Let’s discover them!

What are our wood-burning stoves with integrated oven like?

These stoves are multifunctional in all aspects. They can be used as a heating system as well as for cooking.

Our wood stoves with oven Panadero are divided into three parts. In the upper part we find the oven, covered with a glass, to be able to see the food. In the centre is the combustion chamber itself, which has its own door. And finally, in the lower part is the woodshed.

Living room with stove and wood stove for cooking

There are wood-burning stoves with an oven that incorporate a warming oven, which can be used not only to heat dishes, as the name suggests, but also to cook chestnuts, make biscuits, roast peppers, make popcorn and even toast.

Our flagship model with oven is the ‘Gourmet‘ model. While with plate warmers you can find models such as ‘Castilla‘, ‘Provence‘, ‘Boheme‘, etc.

In addition to everyday cooking and baking, a wood stove will also make a significant contribution to heating your home, so important on winter days! You can count on an average cooker to fully heat a 120 m2 space.

Ceramic glass and paint resistant to over 800°C

They have windows with Clean Glass technology. Lively flames and cast iron parts will add comfort to any kitchen, study or living room.

One of the most important features is that they are very resistant. They have limits of over 750 ºC in the ceramic glass and over 800 ºC in the paint.

Kitchen environment with stove and wood-burning oven for cooking

A family tradition, a culinary delight, a practical tool for energy independence – wood stoves with oven are all of these!

Thank you for visiting us and we hope you enjoy cooking, baking and heating with wood!

Discover our wood stoves with oven here

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