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With oven

Wood stoves with ovens are a centuries-old tradition, but they have never been so elegant. These stoves are an excellent choice for those looking for a heat source and a stove in one appliance.

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At Panadero, we have a wide variety of wood burning appliance models. Our collection includes modern wood stoves that are ideal for those looking to incorporate a wood burning appliance with a contemporary and avant-garde aesthetic. In another style line, you will find classic wood stoves, with an elegant, timeless and simple design. Within a more industrial aesthetic, we have metal wood-burning fireplaces designed with double and triple steel body.We also have two stove models with an innovative and unique design. First, our wood stoves with oven are ideal for cooking enthusiasts who want to enjoy the warmth and versatility of a stove while preparing delicious dishes. On the other hand, we have corner wood stoves, which offer a unique design, conceived to fit perfectly in the corner of a room.

In addition to the above models, we offer inserts with fan and inserts without fan, which are an excellent option for those who wish to transform an existing fireplace into an efficient and environmentally friendly heat source. These stove models are recessed into the wall and are ideal for bringing efficiency, comfort and warmth to any room.

Advantages of wood stoves with built-in oven

Efficient use of wood

Because wood burns in an enclosed space and air circulates through the flues, more heat is produced and less wood is consumed compared to an open fireplace.


A wood stove with an oven can be used to cook and heat a wide variety of foods. Also, some stoves come with a built-in grill.

Energy bill savings

By having an appliance that provides heat and cooking, you avoid using other energy-consuming appliances.

Rustic and warm appearance

A wood stove with oven can give a cozy and traditional touch to any home.

In addition, thanks to their energy source, wood, wood-burning appliances are one of the most economical alternatives on the market.

Types of wood stoves with oven

In particular, our wood stove models with oven are ideal for cooking enthusiasts who want to enjoy the warmth and versatility of a stove while preparing delicious baked goods. Below are some of the most popular models and their main features:

Wood stove with corner oven

Corner wood stoves are ideal for maximizing space in corners or nooks of your home and providing cozy warmth. In addition to taking advantage of the space, we have a model that has a warming oven on top.

Wood stove with front-loading oven

They allow an easier loading of firewood as they are front-loaded, and have an excellent cooking capacity.

All our wood stoves with oven have a woodshed, which allows the wood to be stored and makes it easy to access for lighting the fire.

How to choose the best wood stove with oven?

When choosing the best wood stove with oven, there are several factors to consider. First, the size and shape of the stove should be considered, depending on the available space in the house and the desired heat distribution.

Another factor to consider is the heat output of the stove, measured in kilowatts (kW). The appropriate output will depend on the size of the room and the desired temperature. Moreover, there are different types of wood stoves with furnaces depending on the amount of wood they can hold, which affects the amount of heat emitted and the operating time.

Installation and maintenance of wood stoves with oven

To install a wood stove with oven, it is necessary to choose a suitable location that meets safety and ventilation requirements. As for maintenance, it is essential to regularly clean the oven and flues to avoid creosote build-up. It is also advisable to periodically check the gaskets and glass parts to make sure they are in good condition and seal properly. Finally, it is advisable to check the stove annually to ensure proper operation and prevent future problems.

Which wood is best for wood-burning stoves with oven?

For optimal combustion in a wood stove with oven, hardwoods should be used, as they release more heat and have high thermal properties. Softwoods are less recommended because of their resin content, which can accumulate inside the stove and clog the flues.

It is also important that the wood used has a humidity of 20% or less and should not be resinous. In addition, it is advisable to avoid using wood treated with chemicals, paints or varnishes, as they can emit toxic gases.

How to heat or cook in a wood stove with oven?

Cooking or heating in a wood stove with oven is a way to obtain an unparalleled flavor in your meals. To achieve this, we suggest you follow the recommendations below:

  • Make sure the stove is very hot before you start cooking, so that the heat spreads evenly.
  • Use cast iron pots and pans, as this material preheats easily and retains heat very well.
  • Take advantage of the stove top to cook foods that require less cooking time.
  • Remember that the oven temperature may vary according to the amount of wood used.
  • Do not overload the oven.

In any case, do not forget to control the temperature of the stove, since cooking in the oven of a wood stove requires a little practice and patience.

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