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Metallic wood burning fireplaces

Metal wood-burning fireplaces are an excellent option to heat the home in a comfortable and convenient way. Our fireplaces not only give a rustic and cozy look to the environment, but they are also efficient and have modern technology to reduce CO emissions and favor the environment.

It is important to mention that our wood stoves and fireplaces are manufactured with heat-resistant materials, such as steel, stainless steel, refractory or cast iron with anti-heat paints. These materials guarantee the durability and resistance of these fireplaces.

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At Panadero, we have a wide variety of wood burning appliance models. Our collection includes modern wood stoves that are ideal for those looking to incorporate a wood burning appliance with a contemporary and avant-garde aesthetic. In another style line, you will find classic wood stoves, with an elegant, timeless and simple design. Within a more industrial aesthetic, we have metal wood-burning fireplaces designed with double and triple steel body.We also have two stove models with an innovative and unique design. First, our wood stoves with oven are ideal for cooking enthusiasts who want to enjoy the warmth and versatility of a stove while preparing delicious dishes. On the other hand, we have corner wood stoves, which offer a unique design, conceived to fit perfectly in the corner of a room.

In addition to the above models, we offer inserts with fan and inserts without fan, which are an excellent option for those who wish to transform an existing fireplace into an efficient and environmentally friendly heat source. These stove models are recessed into the wall and are ideal for bringing efficiency, comfort and warmth to any room.

In the case of our metal wood-burning fireplaces, they not only provide a comfortable atmosphere in the home, but are also ideal for those who are looking for a more ecological and economical alternative.

Types of materials used in metal fireplaces

Metal wood-burning fireplaces are a popular choice because of their efficiency and rustic look. Here are some of the benefits of these wood-burning fireplaces:

Energy efficiency

Metal wood-burning fireplaces are energy efficient, as they use wood as a renewable fuel, making them an economical and environmentally friendly option compared to other heating options. Thanks to their high heat output, they can also heat large areas quickly and efficiently.

High-quality materials

Metal wood-burning fireplaces are made of high-quality materials, such as steel, stainless steel or cast iron, which make them strong and durable.

Easy installation and maintenance

The installation of a metal wood-burning fireplace is not complicated and should be done by a qualified professional. It is important to keep the fireplace clean and use dry, non-resinous wood to avoid fires. In addition, proper cleaning and maintenance will ensure a long life and optimal performance of the fireplace.

Models of metal wood-burning fireplaces and their characteristics

Our models of metal fireplaces can be of different shapes, sizes and features. Below are some of the most popular models and their main features:

Front metal wood burning fireplace

This type of fireplace is the most common, as it is installed on a wall and used to heat a room. It has a glass front that allows maximum view of the fire and its power rating varies from 5 to 14 kW.

Metal wood-burning fireplace with woodshed

This model incorporates a woodshed at the base of the fireplace, which allows the wood to be stored and makes it easy to access for lighting the fire. It has a glass panel and its nominal power is 5.9 kW.

Installation and maintenance of metal wood-burning fireplaces

The installation of a metal wood-burning fireplace should be carried out by a qualified professional, making sure to follow the rules and regulations regarding structural and environmental safety. The chimney must be connected to a flue and it is recommended to have a stainless steel liner to prevent corrosion.

In terms of maintenance, it is important to clean the chimney periodically to avoid any accumulation of soot, which can cause a fire. It is also recommended to use dry wood and make sure the chimney is hot enough to prevent the accumulation of harmful substances. In addition, fireplaces with silk-screened glass should be cleaned with mild products to avoid scratching the glass.

Tips for the maintenance and cleaning of metal wood-burning fireplaces can be found on our blog. It is also possible to contact customer service via email in case of problems with installation, maintenance or any other questions.

Frequently asked questions about metal wood-burning fireplaces

  • Is it safe to have a metal wood-burning fireplace at home?

Yes, as long as the necessary safety measures are taken during installation and proper maintenance is performed.

  • How long does the delivery of a metal fireplace take?

The delivery time is usually within 6 working days of purchase.

  • What are the features of wood burning fireplaces with woodshed?

Some of the features include built-in woodshed, cast iron grate and quick view of the fire with our clean glass system.

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