What is happening with gas in Europe?

What is happening with gas in Europe?


We have been talking for several months about the energy collapse and the current situation regarding gas and electricity prices in Europe.

With prices at an all-time high and, in a worst-case scenario, Russia is making good on its threats. “As long as the West does not lift sanctions on Russia for the invasion of Ukraine, it will not resume gas supplies to Europe”, was published in many online media.

Energy crisis in Europe

What does winter have in store for us?

Europe is only a few months away from the arrival of the cold winter, little heating and energy cuts. Many households are looking for alternatives in a scenario of social conflict, economic stagnation and inflation.

We are in a very complex situation. We all know it. Prices are rising and, one of the consequences of this situation, is the increase in demand for wood-burning stoves and fireplaces, an alternative for many European households in the face of Russian gas cuts and rising prices.

We have already reported in several previous posts on the increase in these sales, up to more than 30%. We also reported on the supply of firewood that many households and companies are making. All this, with a view to the future.

Wood-burning stoves and fireplaces as an alternative to heating

What will happen in the coming months?

We don’t know what will happen, we are in a cloud of uncertainty. What we do know is that solutions must be sought as soon as possible. We have to get through the cold winter and look for solutions that will help our pockets.

The best alternative to save on heating this winter, without a doubt, are fireplaces and cookers.

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