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What does the winter have in store for us in the face of rising electricity and gas prices?


A few months ago, the Association of Property Administrators of Aragon claimed that 90% of households with communal gas were suffering extraordinary bills due to the rise in electricity and gas prices.

Rise in electricity and gas prices.

How to face the winter?

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, fuel prices have skyrocketed. The increase continues unabated, and there is no good news in sight.

Households are fearful of the onset of winter. In some communities of neighbours, they have been observing a rise in their monthly quota of between 13 and 25% depending on their actual expenses. For this reason, many families have been considering their “drastic measures” for the cold weather for some months now.

Saving money in our pockets is the main objective of many in the current situation. “Last winter we reduced the use of heating to just four hours a day and lowered the temperature. We were very cold”, says a family from a community of neighbours in Aragon (Spain).

One of the alternatives for saving on bills has been in the news since the beginning of the year: “The sale of pellet and wood stoves increases by 30%”, said the media in May this year.

Wood-burning and pellet stoves in the face of rising gas prices

Wood-burning and pellet stoves have become this year’s star product, as they are the perfect alternative to heating for this “harsh” winter.  The high demand has put the manufacturers of these products in the spotlight and we are reporting an increase in sales, but we are also facing the problem of longer delivery times and lack of stock. In addition, installers are busier than ever.

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