Decoration and trends: Give your living room an industrial touch!

Decoration and trends: Give your living room an industrial touch!


Spacious industrial style apartment

The industrial style has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. While you may not know many people who have decorated their homes in this style, it’s a bold and rare trend that’s gaining more and more followers. This type of decoration has a special charm, and we will show you why!

The Decoration in the Most Industrial Style

Origins of the Industrial Style

The most distinctive feature of the industrial style is its spacious and diaphanous rooms, a feature that dates back to the popular lofts in large cities. This style was born in New York in the mid-twentieth century, when people began to take advantage of the abandonment of old industries to build homes. These homes were decorated in a simple way, using furniture from old tenants and exposed structural elements.

The most common materials in this aesthetic are those that evoke the robustness of factories and industries. For this reason, iron, metal, steel, brick, wood and stone are the most commonly used. This combination of resistant materials creates a durable and functional environment.

Industrial style living room

Colors and Textures

The industrial style bets on rustic and neutral colors. Color palettes typically include white, black, gray, beige, and wood tones. These colors not only add a touch of sobriety and elegance, but also allow structural elements and furniture to stand out in a natural way.

Textures are equally important. The use of rough surfaces and worn finishes helps to accentuate the feel of an industrial environment. Exposed brick walls, steel beams and polished cement floors are typical features that define this style.

Industrial style kitchen

Metal Chimneys, Protagonists in this Style

The Warmth of Wood Stoves

In industrial decoration, metal wood-burning fireplaces are key elements. This type of fireplace not only provides warmth and comfort, but also perfectly complements the industrial aesthetic. Metal fireplaces, with their robust appearance and efficient operation, fit perfectly with the materials and colors characteristic of the industrial style.

Wood stoves bring a warm touch that contrasts beautifully with the coldness of metal and concrete. In addition, the visible fire adds a welcoming and lively dimension to the space, creating a focal point that invites relaxation and enjoyment of the home.

Advantages of Wood Metal Fireplaces

Metallic wood-burning fireplaces are highly versatile and adapt to different configurations and sizes of spaces. They are durable, easy to maintain and, thanks to their efficient design, provide an excellent heat source. In addition, modern wood stoves are designed to be eco-friendly and fuel-efficient, making them a sustainable choice for the home.

Metal fireplaces for an industrial style

Ideas for Decorating Your Home with Metallic Wood-Burning Fireplaces

Integration in different spaces

At Panadero, we offer a wide range of metal wood-burning fireplaces to suit any type of décor and style. Here are some ideas to integrate these fireplaces into your home:

  1. Spacious Living Rooms: An oversized metal fireplace can become the focal point of a spacious living room. Strategically placed, it can divide the space and create areas of differentiated use, such as a living area and a dining area.
  2. Cozy Corners: For smaller spaces, a smaller wood stove may be the ideal choice. Place it in a corner and complement it with comfortable furniture and warm textiles to create a cozy corner where you can relax.
  3. Work Areas: If you have a workspace at home, a metal fireplace can add a touch of warmth and industrial style, improving productivity and comfort.

Complementary Decoration

To enhance the industrial style, combine your metal fireplace with other decorative elements such as metal shelves, reclaimed wood tables and industrial design pendant lamps. Plants in metal or ceramic pots can also add a touch of freshness and life to the environment.

In conclusion, industrial decoration with wood stoves offers a perfect combination of functionality and style. Metal fireplaces not only enhance the aesthetics of any space, but also provide warmth and comfort, creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere. If you’re looking to transform your home with a unique and timeless style, wood-burning stoves are an option worth considering.

Industrial style living room ambience

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