Ideas para decorar la pared de la chimenea de leña

Different ideas for decorating the fireplace wall


Having a living room with a fireplace in your home is a real privilege. The fireplace is that cosy, warm, magical, familiar and captivating atmosphere that a fireplace gives off when it is lit in winter. However, we know that it can be difficult to maintain that essence when it is turned off.  You can choose not to decorate the fireplace, but, normally, this space is perfect to attract anyone’s attention.

In this post we leave you some ideas to decorate the fireplace wall and get that perfect space for your home.

Decorating the fireplace wall with a mirror

Mirrors above the fireplace are always a safe bet. They catch the eye, make the room more spacious and illuminated and offer a very elegant decoration. It will completely set the style of the rest of the room so… choose it well! You have two options, you can hang the mirror above the fireplace or you can place the mirror above the fireplace.

Decorating the fireplace wall with a mirror

Decorating a fireplace with pictures

Pictures for fireplaces are a classic when it comes to decorating the wall of your fireplace. You can opt for a large picture with personality. On the other hand, you can make a composition with different pictures, sizes and styles, which will offer a modern and innovative touch to your fireplace.

Decorating a fireplace with pictures

Decorating with fireplace wallpaper

Another option is to choose to decorate with fireplace wallpaper.

If your living room is symmetrical, we give you two options:

  • Put the wallpaper on the fireplace wall, in this case it should be the central wall.
  • Leave the central wall as you have it and place the wallpaper on the side walls.

If your living room is not symmetrical, the best option is to decorate the fireplace wall with wallpaper.

Ideas for decorating the fireplace mantel

Another of the best options, whether your fireplace has a mantelpiece or we put it there ourselves, is to place several elements… like a shelf!

Decorate the fireplace wall with pictures, vases, plants, smaller mirrors, books, candles, etc.

We can also go for natural garlands, but it is very important that everything is decorated in a harmonious way. Don’t overload!

Decorating a fireplace wall with various elements

Other options…

Perhaps you have built or placed your fireplace in a design wall and you don’t need to decorate the fireplace wall. These walls and rooms already have their own style.

Modern fireplace wall decoration

Our recommendation is that, in this type of style, do not decorate. The fireplace speaks for itself. However, one option is to hang the television on the wall of the fireplace, just above it, thus combining the fireplace and the television. But be careful! It is essential to calculate the height of the fireplace and the distance to be respected.

Wall with fireplace and overhead TV

These are the best ideas for what to put on top of a fireplace. If you want to look for fireplace decorating ideas or very creative ideas for all kinds of decorations in your home, we recommend you to visit Pinterest or decoration forums in Facebook groups.

With all these ideas and tools… you will make your fireplace the undisputed star of your home!

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