How to decorate an unused fireplace?

How to decorate an unused fireplace?


The fireplace is the great protagonist in homes, especially in winter, but … what happens to it when it is not used?

Many homes have open fireplaces that are probably not used until winter. Moreover, with the advent of more modern wood-burning fireplaces, these spaces are in many homes in disuse. They become empty, lifeless spaces that you do not know how to decorate.

In this post we want to give you some ideas to give life to that small space in your home, either because the fireplace is off or because it is in disuse.

Let’s take a look!

Important: Before decorating the fireplace, be sure to clean it from dust and soot.

Decorating the fireplace with books

This decoration has two objectives: to decorate while using this extra storage space.

The idea is to stack the books as if it were a bookcase, in an aesthetic and harmonious way.

Decorate and paint the fireplace

If the fireplace is in use only in summer, we have the option of cutting a wooden plank with the size of the fireplace opening and… decorate it to your liking!

If you have that space in total disuse, we can take the opportunity to paint it completely in a color that we like. You can choose to paint that hole in a complementary color or the same color as the walls of your home or even place decorative paper.

Painting a masonry chimney

Decorating the fireplace as if it were an art gallery

The fireplace is already an important focal point of the room, but what if you make it more of a protagonist? Decontextualize the fireplace, decorate it with something that no one expects. You can place pictures, sculptures, plates, mirrors, etc. This style is usually perfect when we want to give a bohemian touch to our room.

Decorating the fireplace opening

Photo: Domino

Make a small corner for your pet

What could be better than dedicating this space to our faithful companions? The fireplace can be a very cozy place for them.

Ideal space for your pet: the fireplace

Photo: Decofilia

As a woodshed

You just bought a modern fireplace, but what do we do with the hollow of our old fireplace? You can use this hole as a firewood storage.

Decorating the fireplace with firewood

Decorate the fireplace with plants, candles and other elements

This space, with imagination, can be decorated as we want, but there are two elements that never fail in the decoration: plants and decorative candles.

Decorating the fireplace with candles

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