Creative designs for storing firewood in your garden

Creative designs for storing firewood in your garden


The wood stove is an efficient and cozy form of home heating, but it is important to have a proper place to store firewood.

Improper storage can result in damp or damaged firewood, which will affect its burning performance and safety. In addition, having an organized and aesthetically pleasing place to store firewood can also improve the appearance of your yard.

Therefore, it is critical to keep in mind the importance of proper firewood storage to ensure you enjoy a safe and efficient heating experience with your wood stove.

Types of firewood storage in the garden

There are many options available for storing firewood in a garden. Choosing the right type will depend on your personal preferences and practical needs.

From sheds or covered structures to huts or sheds, racks or racks, and decorative barrels or casks, each type of storage offers different advantages and disadvantages.

It is important to evaluate the space available in your yard, your style and aesthetic preferences, moisture protection, and ease of access and loading and unloading of firewood.

Let’s take a look at the different options!

Sheds or covered structures

Structure of a shed for firewood protection

They are a type of firewood storage consisting of a roof or covering to protect the firewood from the weather. These can be made of wood, metal or any other durable, weather-resistant material.


  • Protection against moisture and inclement weathers.
  • Longer firewood life by keeping it dry and protected.
  • Easy access to firewood by having a roof covering it.


  • Higher construction cost due to the need for a covered structure.
  • Requires more space in your yard.
  • May require permits and authorizations depending on local regulations.

Casetas or sheds

Garden huts for firewood storage

These are small structures that resemble sheds, but are smaller in size. These structures are a popular choice because of their rustic style and their ability to protect firewood.


  • Protection from moisture and inclement weather.
  • Longer firewood life by keeping it dry and protected.
  • Less expensive than sheds.
  • They offer a rustic and cozy style.
  • Easy access to firewood.


  • Require more space in your yard.
  • May be less resistant to the elements and require more frequent maintenance.
  • May require permits and approvals depending on local regulations.

Shelves or racks

Firewood storage racks

Racks are a simple and economical option for storing firewood in a garden. These consist of a series of shelves where firewood logs are stacked.


  • Easy access to firewood.
  • Low cost of implementation and maintenance.
  • They do not require much space.


  • They do not protect the firewood from the weather, which can affect its quality and durability.
  • May require more frequent rearrangements of firewood to avoid collapse.

Decorative barrels or casks

Barrels with firewood

Decorative barrels are an elegant and decorative way to store firewood. These consist of large, durable barrels or casks that have been repaired and decorated for use as storage containers.


  • They offer an attractive and decorative look in your garden.
  • They are sturdy and durable, providing good protection for firewood.


  • They can require significant space in your garden.
  • Price may be higher compared to other types of storage.

Considerations for choosing the right storage design

When choosing the right design for storing firewood in your garden, there are several considerations to keep in mind:

  1. Available space: It is important to consider the available space in your yard to determine the size and type of storage that is appropriate.
  2. Firewood protection: Firewood must be protected from weather and moisture to maintain its quality and durability.
  3. Cost: Budget is an important consideration when choosing the right storage design. Some designs may be more expensive than others.
  4. Aesthetics: If you want your firewood storage to blend in well with your yard, it is important to consider the aesthetic aspect of the design.
  5. Accessibility: Firewood should be easy to access for use in the stove.


In conclusion, storing firewood in your garden is a convenient and efficient way to keep your wood stove fueled. There are several designs available, including sheds, huts, racks, barrels, and decorative barrels. Each design has its own advantages and disadvantages, so it is important to choose the one that is right for your available space, budget and aesthetic preferences. By taking these considerations into account, it is possible to choose a wood storage design that is right for your needs and allows you to keep your wood stove running efficiently and conveniently.

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