Tips for combining your fireplace and television

Tips for combining your fireplace and television


The fireplace and television are two focal points in a home and take up a considerable amount of space. For this reason, they are sometimes difficult to combine.

In this post we want to propose some ideas for your living room and to help you combine the fireplace and the television. The idea is to give you a composition of design, decoration, functionality and safety.

Combination fireplace and wood stove

Is it dangerous to combine the fireplace and the television?

Before deciding to combine both appliances we must assess whether there may be any danger.

Fireplaces or wood stoves are a source of heat and electrical appliances are not great friends of heat sources. We should know that, if we want to place the television above the fireplace, it is important to consult a professional.

Disadvantages of combining the fireplace and television

Although it is not dangerous as such, there are several disadvantages that can make us decide not to combine both appliances:

  • Overloading the space. Cluttered design can be stressful for a number of reasons. It may be visually overwhelming, making it difficult to focus and relax in the space. In addition, it can be difficult to move around and use the space effectively.
  • The TV will look worse. The exposure to light and the viewing angle are not the same as when we have the TV at eye level. In addition, it can be a guaranteed pain in the neck if you place the TV too high.
  • Heat can affect the TV. Electronics work best in cool environments. Heat can affect the efficiency and performance of television electronics. Electronic components are sensitive to heat and can degrade or fail when subjected to high temperatures for extended periods of time. In addition, heat can affect the lifespan of the television and increase the risk of failure as they age. Heat can also affect the picture quality of the television.

Keys to combine fireplace and television

If you have both appliances and you are determined to have them together, we give you some fundamental keys to combine a fireplace and a television.

Place the TV at a reasonable height

This is the key to avoiding neck pain. The height at which you should position your TV depends on several factors, such as your height and the location of the screen in relation to where you sit to watch it. In general, it is recommended that you place your TV screen at a height that allows you to watch comfortably without having to raise your head excessively or lean forward.

Do not turn on both elements at the same time

The fireplace and television should not be turned on at the same time because they can interfere with each other and cause performance problems. It may seem counterproductive to want to combine both elements, but not be able to enjoy both together, but it is important to keep this in mind.

The brightness and flickering of the flames will likely create discomfort and annoying reflections on the TV screen.

Give each one its time.

Create differentiated zones

If you have enough space, you can create two areas in the same room. One of them is dedicated to the TV and the other to the cozy atmosphere of the fireplace.

Fireplace and television

Tilt your TV with a wall mount

To avoid neck pain and the discomfort of watching TV from below, you can opt for a mount that adjusts the viewing angle.

It is best to hire a professional.

Tilting the television with a wall mount

Ideas for combining both elements

Placing both devices requires balance. We’ll tell you about it!

Place the television above the fireplace

It is important to take into account the previous tips.

Combining fireplace and television together

Separate them in the same room

Fireplace and TV in the living room

Mixing textures

Mixing textures by combining fireplace and television

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