How to make heating with a wood stove?

How to make heating with a wood stove?


Did you know that a fireplace or wood stove is the best alternative to other heating systems? Wood stoves are a renewable, sustainable and economical source of energy that allows you to enjoy the warmth and fire in your home.

Having a heating system based on wood is a privilege, both economically and comfort in our homes. There are three alternatives for heating with wood: wood stoves or fireplaces, wood cassettes with fan and inserts without fan.

Heating with a stove

At Panadero, all our appliances are closed fire. This allows our wood stoves to enjoy high performance.

Two of the big discrepancies between open and closed fireplaces is heat output and energy efficiency. Open fireplaces have an efficiency of around 15%, while closed fireplaces have a high efficiency that exceeds 78% energy efficiency. This is synonymous with savings in firewood consumption.

Remember: A closed combustion chamber is the basis for optimum heating performance.

Wood stove for heating

Wood stoves are based on the same combustion principle as fireplaces.

The fire we enjoy when we light the wood stove is produced by the principle of combustion based on the “fire triangle”.

The principle of the “fire triangle” involves three elements:

  • The fuel, which in this case is wood.
  • The air and oxygen.
  • Activation energy, i.e. the flame.

Thanks to the combustion of the wood originated by these three elements, we can enjoy the heat.

Heat distribution

The distribution of heat in the room is done through radiation, both from the stove itself and from the flue pipe. Both elements are heated when combustion occurs.

Heating environment with a wood-burning fireplace

It must be taken into account that, for the stove to work at its maximum performance, the installation must be correct. In addition, we must be careful when choosing where and how to place it in the room, since it must have a minimum safety distance with the furniture and elements of the house. In addition, we must know the air currents of our house, so as not to lose heat once we turn on the device.

Power supply of a wood stove

It is essential to know how a stove works and how we must make the ignition, you can see it by clicking here.

In addition, the correct use of the type of wood will allow the stove to perform a complete and correct combustion.

The humidity of the firewood must always be less than 20% and it must be dry and not resinous. If the firewood is damp, we will encounter several problems that will make our fireplace not perform at its best.

A firewood of 50% or 60% humidity does not heat and has a very bad combustion, creates a lot of soot and gives off excessive water vapor. This will lead to harmful deposits on the appliance, on the glass and in the smoke channels.

Dry firewood for wood burning fireplace

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