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What is the best firewood for closed fireplaces?


The choice of the best firewood for a closed fireplace can depend on several factors, such as combustion efficiency, the amount of heat produced and smoke generation. A good choice leads to a longer lifetime of the fireplace. So, here are some of the most popular choices:


Oak is an excellent choice due to its high density and energy content. It is a very dense wood that burns slowly and provides constant, long-lasting heat. It is especially used in cold climates, as the heat will be retained for longer. Oak tends to have relatively low moisture content compared to other wood species, which makes it easier to burn and reduces the amount of smoke produced.


Beech wood is prized because it burns evenly and steadily, making it easy to light and keep burning. Like oak, beech wood tends to have relatively low humidity, and low humidity also helps to prevent creosote build-up in the chimney. In addition, it generates less soot and residue than other woods.


Elm is a hardwood that burns slowly and produces a constant heat. It also produces few sparks and smoke, making it a suitable choice for closed fireplaces. Unlike some woods, elm has the ability to burn efficiently even when slightly damp. This is useful if the wood is not completely dry, as it will still be able to burn and produce heat. In the same way as the previous woods, elm wood has a high energy content and produces intense heat when it burns. This means that it will generate enough heat to warm a room or a house.


Ash is a hardwood that burns well and generates a good amount of heat. It has the advantage of igniting easily, so it can be useful as a starter wood for starting a fire. Like the aforementioned woods it has a good calorific value and generates significant heat when burned. This is important as it ensures that a suitable temperature is maintained in the closed fireplace and that the space is heated efficiently.

Spruce and Pine

These woods are softer than the previous ones, so they burn quickly and generate heat efficiently. However, they can generate more smoke and sparks, so it is recommended to use them in smaller proportions mixed with hardwoods. Both spruce and pine contain a significant amount of resin in their composition. Resin is a flammable substance that acts as an excellent fire accelerator, which means that spruce and pine will ignite easily and generate fast and abundant heat in the fireplace.

Closed chimney

Therefore, whatever wood is chosen, it is recommended that it is thoroughly dry before it is used in the fireplace. Damp wood can generate more smoke and have a less efficient combustion. It is also very important not to use wood that has been treated with varnish, paint or any other chemical product.

Important aspects of firewood that should be taken into account:

When using wood in a closed fireplace, it is important to consider certain aspects to ensure optimal and safe operation:


Firewood must be thoroughly dried before it is used in the fireplace. Wood with a high moisture content can generate more smoke and less heat. When buying firewood, make sure that it is dry, with a moisture content of less than 20%.

Size and cut

It is important to use firewood that is cut into suitable pieces. The logs should be sized to fit the size of the combustion chamber of your closed fireplace. It is generally recommended to use logs that are approximately 15-20 cm in diameter and cut into lengths that fit your fireplace. This will facilitate loading and combustion.

Clean regularly

As wood burns, ash and residues will be generated in the chimney. It is important to clean this residue regularly to maintain the efficiency of the chimney and prevent the build-up of flammable materials.

Firewood storage

Firewood storage

The storage of firewood is an important process to ensure that the wood remains dry and in good condition for use as fuel.

Recommendations for storing firewood properly:

  • Location: It should be outdoors, but protected from direct rain and moisture. A shed or well-ventilated warehouse are common options.
  • Elevation: Pallets or cement blocks are recommended to create an elevated and stable base.
  • Ventilation: Ensure that there is sufficient space between pieces of wood to allow air flow.
  • Regular inspection: Remove any damaged, rotten or insect-infested wood to prevent the spread of pests.

Closed chimney

In conclusion, for closed fireplaces good cleaning maintenance is recommended, always making sure to comply with local regulations and standards related to the use of fireplaces. Also as mentioned above the best firewood for closed fireplaces would be oak, beech, elm, ash, spruce and pine. However, it is important to note that the use of wood in a closed fireplace requires additional precautions such as the use of a protective screen.

Don’t forget that using quality firewood, together with proper maintenance and care of your fireplace, will give you the opportunity to enjoy a cosy and efficient fire in your home, always maintaining an appropriate temperature.

Remember that the safety and health of your home and its occupants are a priority. It is always advisable to seek the assistance of a professional if you have concerns or face significant challenges when dealing with wood mould on your stoves.

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