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Tips for storing firewood correctly in summer


Summer is the best time to buy quality firewood, but the use of firewood drops considerably due to the high temperatures and cookers are generally no longer operational. However, it is important to store firewood correctly during the warmer months to ensure that it is in good condition when it is time to light the fire again. In this article we will give you some useful tips on how to store firewood correctly during the summer and keep it in optimal condition for later use in the winter months.

Stacked pieces of wood

Find the right place to store firewood

When looking for the right place to store firewood during the summer, it is important to consider several factors. Ideally, find an area that is protected from rain and moisture. If you have a shed, garage or storage room, these are ideal options, as they provide an enclosed and secure environment for your firewood. In addition, sheltering it from the elements helps prevent insects or mould growth.

If you don’t have an enclosed space available, you can use tarpaulins or waterproof covers to protect your firewood. Make sure the cover completely covers the pile and is securely fastened to prevent water seepage. It is also advisable to place the woodpile in an area with good air circulation to help keep it dry.

Lifts firewood off the ground

When placing firewood in the storage area, it is important to raise it off the ground. This is because direct contact with the ground can cause the wood to absorb moisture and deteriorate more quickly.

To elevate the firewood, you can use cement blocks, wooden pallets or other items that provide a solid and stable base. Place the blocks or pallets evenly spaced to create a raised platform where you can safely stack the firewood.Raising the firewood off the ground allows air to circulate under the stack, preventing moisture from the ground from being transferred to the wood. It also helps prevent fungal growth or unwanted insects.

Properly stored wood

Ensures good ventilation

Adequate ventilation is essential to keep the firewood dry and in good condition during the summer. Make sure there is sufficient air circulation around the woodpile.

Avoid stacking firewood too close to the walls or ceiling, leaving space for air to flow freely. This will help prevent moisture build-up and allow the firewood to dry properly.

Good ventilation is also important to prevent the growth of mould or insects. By ensuring that there is a constant flow of air around the firewood, you will maintain an environment that is less conducive to insect growth.

Sort your firewood correctly

Organising your firewood properly in your storage area will not only help you make the most of the space available, but will also help to keep it in better condition.

To begin with, it is advisable to stack firewood in a neat and stable manner. Make sure that the pieces are well aligned and do not fall apart easily. A messy pile can take up more space and make it difficult to access firewood when you need it.

In addition, it is useful to organise the firewood pile strategically. Place the oldest pieces at the bottom of the pile so that they are used first. This will allow you to rotate the firewood properly and prevent some pieces from sitting in storage for too long. If you have different types of wood, you can consider separating them into individual sections or stacks.

Stored wood

Inspect firewood regularly

Even if you have stored your firewood correctly during the summer, it is important to carry out regular inspections to ensure that it remains in good condition.

During inspections, check for signs of moisture, insects or other problems. Remove any pieces of firewood that are damaged, rotten or infested with insects to prevent them from affecting the rest of the pile. If you find affected pieces, it is advisable to dispose of them properly, either through removal or necessary treatment.

In addition, during the inspection, you can assess the dryness of the firewood. Ideally, firewood should have a low moisture content so that it burns efficiently and produces less smoke. If you find pieces that are still damp, you may consider leaving them in the open air for additional time before using them.

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