¿Qué es el bioetanol?

What is bioethanol?


Thanks to the latest advances in technology and research, several alternatives to fossil fuels have been found. One of these alternatives are biofuels, which we talked about in the post “Bioenergy: what is it?” In today’s post, we are going to focus on bioethanol. You have probably heard of it, but do you know what it is and where to buy bioethanol? Let’s see it!

What is bioethanol

Bioethanol is a flammable alcohol fuel. Unlike others, bioethanol is not obtained from petroleum, but from the fermentation of organic materials, mainly vegetables and plants with a high cellulose content.

It is also a renewable energy source because it is obtained from organic matter.

Bioethanol as an alternative to petrol and diesel fuels

Bioethanol is used in the production of environmentally friendly fuels such as heating, but it is also used to improve the efficiency of gasoline. Bioethanol can be used in the same way as petrol or diesel and could in the future replace petroleum-based fuels.

In some countries, the blending of bioethanol and petrol is well known, which means that the use of fossil fuels is reduced.

Bioethanol and the environment – friend or foe?

As mentioned above, bioethanol is a renewable energy source, much more environmentally friendly than other fuels.

It is true that bioethanol produces CO2 in its combustion and is not a purely clean energy. However, the level of greenhouse gases it emits are considerably lower than petrol or diesel.

There is some controversy as to whether it has a negative impact on the price of certain foodstuffs. When it is a first generation bioethanol, produced through the alcoholic fermentation of found starches and sugars, it can have this negative impact.

Nowadays, thanks to the latest studies, new formulas have been developed to prevent this from happening. When bioethanol is second and third generation (obtained through the degradation of woody material from agricultural waste, algae and specific biocrops), these negative effects have been greatly reduced.

Agricultural waste for bioethanol production

How can bioethanol be found?

This biofuel can be found in two states:

  • Liquid. Used for heating and as an alternative biofuel for vehicles.
  • Gel. Mostly used for disinfection. In April 2020, with the Covid-19 pandemic, governments authorised the use of bioethanol for the manufacture of the famous hydroalcoholic gels and hand disinfection solutions.

Use of hydroalcoholic gel with bioethanol for hand disinfection

Where to buy bioethanol?

If you are looking to buy bioethanol for your fireplace, it is best to consult a professional. It is not too complicated to buy bioethanol as you can find it in hardware stores or DIY stores. It is essential to always follow the instructions and advice of professionals.

The price of bioethanol always depends on the quantity of the bottle and the quality of the bioethanol. It is important to take precautions when storing, as it is a delicate material. Keep it away from heat sources and store it in a well-ventilated place.

You can also buy bioethanol from specialised online shops but make sure it comes in the right form for your intended use.

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