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How to Refill a Wood Stove


What is the ideal time to refill a wood stove?

In this post, you will discover the secrets to refill your stove optimally and understand why sometimes smoke escapes when you open the door.

Refill the stove

Refilling the stove is not just a mechanical act; It’s a strategic decision that directly affects the performance of your heating system. Seizing the right time can make all the difference in both energy efficiency and the amount of wood needed to keep your home at the ideal temperature.

When the fire is about to be extinguished and generous embers illuminate the chamber, it’s the ideal time to add more firewood.

  1. When the temperature drops: Observe temperature fluctuations in your home. Recharging the stove when you feel the environment cooling down ensures a steady flow of heat.
  2. Just before the coals go out: Make the most of the generous coals. Recharging the stove at this time ensures that the new charge is turned on quickly, preventing heat loss.

How to refill the stove properly?

Refilling the stove isn’t just a matter of throwing logs at random. For best results, follow these simple steps:

  1. Use the protective mitt: Before opening the door, make sure you are protected with the special included mitt. Safety is key.
  2. Open the door with caution: The door should be opened when the fire has given way to burning embers. The flame can generate smoke when you open the door, so wait for the embers to be the main source of heat.
  3. Place the logs on the coals: Once you’ve opened the door, carefully place the logs on the coals. Avoid direct contact with flames to minimize smoke production.
  4. Close the door gently: After refilling the stove, close the door gently to avoid disturbing the flow of smoke.

Refill a Wood Stove

Why does smoke come out when I open the door?

Smoke tends to follow the shortest, easiest path, and when you open the stove door, it usually exits into the room instead of out through the flue. To prevent smoke from invading your space, simply follow these tips:

  1. Open the door when there are embers, not flames: Smoke is mainly produced when there is a flame. Open the door when the coals are the main source of heat.
  2. Refill the wood at that time: Combine refilling the stove with opening the door. In this way, you minimize the emission of unwanted smoke.

Refilling the wood stove at the perfect time and adjusting the amount of wood intelligently not only gives you a warm and cozy atmosphere, but also contributes to energy efficiency. With these tips, your wood-burning stove will be an efficient ally in conquering winter. Enjoy the carefree warmth!

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