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Recommendations for putting a stove at home


Before making the decision to purchase a stove for your home, it is crucial to consider a series of precautions that will ensure its safe and efficient installation, as well as its optimal operation over time.

Enough space

First of all, you need to make sure that you have adequate space for the location of the stove. It is essential that it is placed in an area where it is feasible to carry out the installation and near a smoke outlet to facilitate the arrangement of the evacuation pipes. In addition, it is important that the stove is away from combustible materials, appliances, carpets, or other items that may be damaged by the heat it emanates.

estufa en casa

Release regulator

Another aspect to consider is the installation of a fire regulator on the first meter of pipe. This measure is essential to control the airflow and prevent the wood from being consumed too quickly, before it manages to adequately heat the environment.

Fixing the drain pipes

As for the fixing of the evacuation pipes, it is recommended that they be secured to the façade wall using clamps. This measure provides greater safety and stability in the ventilation system.

Offset Horizontal Span

If during installation it is necessary to include horizontal sections in the route of the pipes, it is essential to compensate for them with three times the number of vertical sections. This will ensure an adequate flow of fumes and prevent blockages that could compromise the operation of the stove.

Attaching the cap

In addition, it is important to install a cap on the last section of the evacuation pipes to prevent the entry of external elements and ensure proper sealing. For this purpose, a layer of refractory putty can be applied that withstands high temperatures without deteriorating.

Double-walled tubes

As for the type of tubes to be used, it is recommended to opt for double-walled tubes. These tubes provide thermal insulation that prevents the outside temperature from cooling the smoke, which could result in the formation of a plug and compromise the operation of the stove.

Firewood quality

Last but not least, it is essential to consider the quality of the firewood used as fuel. Aspects such as the density and humidity of the firewood have a significant influence on the heat generated by the stove and the amount of waste produced. It is essential to use quality firewood to ensure optimal performance and reduce environmental impact.

In short, by following these precautions during the installation and use of a stove for your home, you will ensure its efficiency, safety, and long-term durability.

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