Open or closed fireplaces? Which is better?

Open or closed fireplaces? Which is better?


When we talk about fireplaces, we can be talking about two types or designs of fireplaces: open fireplaces and closed fireplaces.

Open and closed fireplaces have their own advantages and disadvantages. The choice between an open or closed fireplace will depend on personal preferences and the specific needs of each home.

In this post we tell you the advantages and disadvantages of each, which is the best option for you and which type of fireplace is the most efficient for your home.

Open fireplaces

Open fireplace in the living room of a house

Open fireplaces are those that allow the fire to be seen from the outside. They are more visually appealing and can add a cozy ambiance to the room. However, open fireplaces, as air enters uncontrolled, there is no way to regulate the temperature and allow heat to escape up the chimney, which can be a disadvantage in terms of energy efficiency. In addition, the cost of firewood is much higher than that of closed fireplaces. This is because wood is consumed much faster.

Closed chimneys

Enclosed fireplace in a house

Enclosed fireplaces have an enclosed structure that prevents heat from escaping up the chimney. This makes them more energy efficient and can help keep the room heated longer. However, because the fire is not visible from the outside, closed fireplaces do not have the same visual appeal as open fireplaces, but they are safer and collect less dirt.

They also have greater durability, i.e., they suffer less wear and tear. Another point in favor of closed fireplaces is that they have controls that allow regulating the amount of air that enters the chimney, which facilitates the control of the fire and allows adjusting the intensity of the flames.

Conclusions, which one is better?

If you are looking for a fireplace that is visually appealing and creates a cozy atmosphere, an open fireplace could be a good option.

However, the best option without a doubt are closed fireplaces. If you are looking for a fireplace that is more energy efficient, an enclosed fireplace could be your option. In addition, thanks to advances such as clean glass systems and much more aesthetically pleasing designs, closed fireplaces are also very attractive.

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