Panadero bets on young talent


Panadero has reaffirmed its commitment to the professional development of young people by providing them with the opportunity to start their careers in the company. With over 200 employees, the company prides itself on having a diverse and dynamic workforce, where the drive and creativity of youth play a key role in its continued success.

In a surprising turn towards promoting young talent, Panadero has 50 employees under the age of 25 on its team, demonstrating its commitment to providing opportunities for those starting out in their careers. But it doesn’t stop there: 100 employees are under 30, reflecting the company’s commitment to the growth and development of young professionals.

Despite having a diverse workforce in terms of age, the average age at Panadero is 34, indicating a balance between experience and the youthful energy brought by new team members.

A highlight of Panadero’s strategy is its internship programme. Over the years, the company has provided opportunities for numerous university students and recent graduates to enter the business world. What is even more impressive is that most of the interns who come through Panadero choose to stay on once they complete their internship programmes, eventually moving into positions of responsibility. This demonstrates the quality of the working environment and the opportunities for growth that the company offers to young talent.

Panadero’s commitment to young talent is not only a reflection of its commitment to innovation and constant evolution, but also a sign of its desire to contribute to the professional growth of the younger generation.

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