Is it mandatory to have a fire extinguisher at home if I have a fireplace?

Is it mandatory to have a fire extinguisher at home if I have a fireplace?


In today’s post, we want to talk about fire extinguishers. At Panadero, we always talk about fire, fireplaces and wood stoves, but, it is also fundamental to talk about safety in homes. We recommend you to read the post “Safety rules for the use of a wood stove in your home” for more information about safety measures and useful tips.

Surely, when buying a fireplace, you may have wondered whether or not it is mandatory to have a fire extinguisher at home. We tell you about it below!

Are fire extinguishers mandatory in homes with fireplaces?

Unlike what happens in buildings and public places, as far as homes are concerned, there is no law or measure that contemplates the mandatory use of fire extinguishers in homes with fireplaces. However, we would like to provide you with a series of recommendations and safety tips on fire extinguishers and fireplaces.

Nevertheless, and despite not being mandatory, many safety experts and Civil Protection agencies recommend the presence of a fire extinguisher in homes with a wood-burning fireplace or pellet stove.

Recommendations and tips for having a fire extinguisher at home

The effectiveness of the extinguisher is according to the maintenance and use you give to it. You must know what type of extinguisher you need according to the type of fire that can be originated, you must also know where to place it in the house, its maintenance and the use that you must give it.

Types of fires

According to the origin of the fire, there is the following classification:

Types of fire extinguishers

  • Class A fires. It is that fire that originates from materials of solid type and organic origin, for example, the wood or firewood, cardboard, fabric, etc. This type of fire is the one we are interested in knowing when we have a fireplace or wood stove. The extinguishers suitable for this type of fire, in addition to the letter A, have a triangle in green color.
  • Class B fires. It is any fire that originates from highly flammable fuels such as alcohol, gasoline, plastic, etc. The extinguishers suitable for this type of fire, in addition to the letter B, have a red square.
  • Class C materials. It is the fire that originates from electrical or electronic materials: computers, plugs, electrical panels, … The extinguishers suitable for this type of fire, in addition to the letter C, have a blue circle.
  • Class D fire. Originating from metals such as potassium or aluminum when in contact with water. Extinguishers suitable for this type of fire have a yellow five-pointed star.
  • Class K. These are fires caused by a substance: oil. These fires are difficult to extinguish, since water cannot be poured on oil. The extinguisher needed is a specific one with a white square or hexagon.

Where to place the extinguisher

It is important to place it in an accessible place and in a space where there are real fire risks.

First of all, we must make an assessment of our home and recognize which are the main sources where a fire can start: kitchen, bedroom or living room.

The fire extinguisher must be placed in the vicinity of these rooms and we must place it according to the manufacturer’s instructions using a special support, away from large sources of cold or heat and at a height that is not accessible to the smallest of the house.

Maintenance and use

It is essential that the extinguisher has a good maintenance since this type of devices expire. In addition, for its correct operation you should know how to use a fire extinguisher, reading carefully the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions.

Instructions for use of fire extinguisher

Important: The content of the extinguishers is not a toxic substance, however, in some cases it may cause irritation.

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