Panadero strengthens ties with Spanish Chimney Sweepers Association during factory visit


Panadero has been honoured to welcome the Spanish Chimney Sweepers Association (ASDE) to its facilities. ASDE’s mission is to foster the exchange of knowledge and to promote the continuous training and professionalisation of the key role of chimney sweeps in our sector.

The visit provided a valuable opportunity to foster collaboration between the two organisations. The main purpose of this meeting was to exchange knowledge and experiences in the field of chimney cleaning and maintenance.

During the visit, ASDE representatives had the opportunity to see the company’s facilities and manufacturing process. There was a detailed presentation of the technology and innovative methods used in the production of wood-burning cookers. The meeting between the chimney sweeps and the Panadero team was mutually beneficial, allowing both parties to gain a broader and enriching view of best practices in the maintenance and cleaning of the facilities.

Panadero is proud to have hosted the chimney sweeps from Spain and to have had the opportunity to share their experience and knowledge in this field. This visit has reaffirmed Panadero’s commitment to environmental care and the importance of biomass as a renewable energy source.

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