¡Panadero stands out as a multicultural benchmark in the business world!

Panadero destaca como referente multicultural en el mundo empresarial

In an increasingly globalised world, Panadero has decided to take a step forward in promoting multicultural work and cultural diversity in its work environment. Recognising the benefits that diversity brings, the company has become a benchmark in promoting an inclusive and multicultural workforce.

It currently employs people of 29 different nationalities, creating an enriching work environment. The company’s team is made up of people from different corners of the world, from North and South America to Europe and Africa.

Panadero has decided to implement this multicultural work policy, recognising the importance of integrating different perspectives into the work environment. This commitment to diversity is based on the conviction that the mix of cultures, languages and experiences enriches both the company and its employees.

The ability to listen and learn different approaches is valued, which helps to find innovative solutions and to achieve objectives more effectively. To enforce this policy, the company has taken various measures, such as recruiting professionals from different nationalities and cultural backgrounds.

In addition, the organisation has taken measures of permanent investment in the improvement of professional talent and in the development of its employees.

As a result, it can be concluded that working with international colleagues is an art, which not only distinguishes the company, but also drives its growth and success.


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