What are the advantages of the double-combustion stove?


When it comes to choosing a home heating system, there are many different options on the market, with some of the most popular recent options being stoves and fireplaces with and without double combustion systems. At first glance, it may seem that all options are the same, but in reality, there are some important differences that are worth considering. In this post, we will show you the advantages offered by appliances that implement this feature versus those that do not and their future developments that are already on the market.

Double combustion stove

Increased energy efficiency

When it comes to efficiency, stoves are a heating system ahead of the rest, but this feature takes efficiency to a much higher level. The double combustion allows a greater amount of fuel to be burnt, taking advantage of the heat generated in the first combustion and, in this way, increasing the temperature of the second combustion. This results in greater energy efficiency of the system, which also means greater energy savings.

Lower pollutant emissions

By burning the gases and particulates generated in the first combustion, double combustion reduces the amount of pollutant emissions released into the environment. This is especially important in urban or densely populated areas, where heating emissions can contribute to air pollution and worsening air quality. These features are essential to help support the environment and the measure applied to these appliances at the beginning of last year, Ecodesign:

 Ecodesign system

A set of European regulations that establishes design and energy efficiency requirements for products that use solid fuels, including stoves and fireplaces. This regulation aims to reduce pollutant emissions and promote energy efficiency in heating systems.

Energy efficiency

Increased security

When gases and particles are not burnt properly in the first combustion, they can accumulate in the exhaust system and cause blockages or fires, due to the creation of flammable materials such as creosote due to this incomplete combustion. Double combustion helps to avoid these situations by burning the residues in the second combustion, ensuring cleanliness in the wood burning process.

Economic savings

The higher energy efficiency of stoves and fireplaces with double combustion systems translates into economic savings for the user. By requiring less fuel to heat the home, heating costs are reduced in the long run. In addition, some stoves and fireplaces with double combustion systems also have additional functions, such as automatic temperature regulation and remote control, which can further increase efficiency and energy savings.

It is important to note that, although stoves and fireplaces with a double combustion system may have a higher initial price tag than non-double-fuel models, in the long run they can be a profitable investment due to savings in fuel costs and reduced environmental impact.

double combustion stove

Increased thermal comfort

By burning the fuel more completely, they generate more heat and distribute the heat more evenly throughout the room. In addition, some stoves with a double combustion combustion system may have a built-in fan, which helps to distribute the warm air more effectively throughout the room.

Triple combustion system: the evolution of stoves

The triple combustion system is a recent innovation in the stove and fireplace market that promises to further improve energy efficiency and further reduce pollutant emissions. As the name suggests, this system uses three stages of combustion to maximise fuel heat and minimise emissions.

While triple-fuel stoves are still new to the market, their efficiency and sustainability are expected to make them an increasingly popular choice in the future.


Double combustion stoves and fireplaces offer a number of advantages that make them an attractive option for those looking for a heating alternative for their home. Their ability to provide greater thermal comfort in the home makes them an ideal choice for those looking for more efficient and sustainable heating. If you are considering installing a stove or fireplace, it is important that you consider the advantages of double combustion stoves and assess your needs and preferences to choose the option that best suits you.

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