15 años en Albacete

Celebrating 15 years in Albacete


Fifteen years ago, a change brought about a new era for Panadero, a company rooted in family tradition and innovation in the world of metallurgy. This April, we proudly celebrate our anniversary since we moved our factories and offices to Albacete capital, a moment that marked a turning point in our history.

The history of Panadero goes back more than five generations, when the Panadero family began their journey in the world of metallurgy, initially producing tools for agriculture. In 1952, Sebastián Panadero took the reins of a modest workshop in Tarazona de la Mancha, in the province of Albacete. Since then, we have gone through countless challenges and triumphs, forging a legacy of excellence and commitment to quality.

The year 2000 marked a significant change when Sebastian retired due to retirement, passing the baton to his son Miguel. Under his leadership, the company underwent a radical change with a strong export orientation.

And it was in 2009, when we took a bold step by unifying our operations in a modern factory in Albacete. This strategic decision allowed us to optimize our production and logistics processes, as well as incorporate the latest technological advances, consolidating our position as leaders in the wood-burning stove market.

15 años en Albacete

Today, with more than 200 dedicated employees, our factory in Albacete is the heart of innovation and excellence in Bakery. We pride ourselves on our diversity, with employees coming from 16 different nationalities, enriching our work environment and giving us an invaluable global perspective.

Therefore, on this special day, we want to thank everyone who has been part of our journey: our employees, customers, suppliers and the city of Albacete that has welcomed us with open arms. Their support and commitment have been instrumental to our success and inspire us to move forward with determination and passion.

Finally, looking to the future, we face new challenges and exciting opportunities. Our commitment to developing sophisticated products and exploring new markets continues to drive our company forward. We know that the road ahead will be full of challenges, but we are ready to face the challenges of tomorrow and continue to write the history of Panadero for many years to come.

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